Bullistik Blue Ain’t Your Color ‘Urban’

Time for me to introduce my ‘old school’ girl, fondly known as Urban.

When I planned the breeding between MilkDud and Alannah, I honestly expected that union would produce a litter of pups that would grow up to be compact but definitely more ‘bully’ or ‘extreme’ in type.

Urban definitely got the compact body and beautiful square head like her sire and dam, but overall she is very much a throw back to what our breed type once was.

Urban’s sire
Bullistik All That Bling ‘MILKDUD’
Urban’s dam
Bullistik Black Velvet ‘ALANNAH’

Long before so many breeders, myself included, started purposely breeding Frenchies for a more extreme head type, heavier bone, and substantially heavier bodies akin to their Bulldog cousins, Frenchies of Urban’s stature were the norm.

In fact, long ago, the French Bulldog breed was actually divided into two separate weight classes, under 22 pounds & 22 to 28 pounds, in AKC conformation dog shows.

Don’t let her registered name fool you, Urban’s color is definitively BLUE & TAN.

Although I am a huge fan of Urban, my heart will always be with the more extreme looking Frenchies, so when it was time to breed this lovely girl, I chose the perfect ‘heavy duty’ stud to become the sire of her offspring.

Urban & Glacial’s litter was born on February 26th and they created six gorgeous, healthy pups in blue and lilac.