Chocolate French Bulldogs

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you might remember me calling her Noel since she was born just before Christmas 2017, BUT now that this lovely cream Thrash x Charm daughter is a Bullistik keeper, she has an official name and it is …..

Bullistik Kiss of Death

Bullistik Kiss of Death

‘Poison’ is a very special girl for many reasons.

Her sire is our glorious Black & Tan boy, THRASH, who is incredibully handsome, sweet, obnoxious in a bratty kinda way, and so outrageously fit and healthy! and…..

her dam is our beautiful black mask fawn, CHARM, who is a daughter of our phenomenal chocolate boy, Chucky, and the lovely Tycoon daughter, Olympia.

This lovely lady has such an ‘attitude’ which is the epitome of all that is Bullistik 😉

She knows who she is:  She knows what she wants: And she damn well knows exactly how to get it!

I am awestruck by this little cream puff, and am thrilled that she inherited her daddy’s (at) black & tan gene and hope like hell that she also inherited her mama’s (b) chocolate gene.

I know she has their gorgeous conformation, soundness, health, and ‘TUDE’ so what else can I possibly ask for?


Thrash x Charm

This girl has been in a state of constant transformation since the day she was born.

I am rethinking her name; perhaps she should be ‘caterpillar’ or ‘butterfly’ instead of “Nativity”?

I have NEVER, in all of my 28 years with this breed, had a puppy like this very unique girl.

She was born BLACK, which was impossible based on her genetics.  Her sire is Black & Tan (ky/ky) and dam is Fawn (ky/ky).  Her sister is cream, but Nativity was BLACK from head to toe.

A few days passed, and she started looking more like a BROWN BEAR and no longer black, but still overall solid.

After a few weeks, I started seeing some hints of fawn showing behind her ears, on her cheeks, and paws.

Soon enough, she has turned into this very tan patterned, BLACK MASKED SABLE.  She is only 5 weeks old, so at this point, I am clueless to try to figure out if this is her FINAL COLOR or if there are more changes to come.

When you think you have seen it all, evidently you have not!  Stay tuned……

Nativity  &  Noel

are Thrash & Charm’s 2017 Christmas gifts to Bullistik

Nativity & Noel
Christmas Miracles 2017

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