Blue French Bulldogs

Bullistik I Will Not Be Denied!

4 days before her 1st litter

This photo is of our lovely black & tan pied gal, Denied, just 4 days prior to whelping her 1st litter in 2018.

Denied is pregnant with her 2nd litter and is due March 23rd.

She is bred to our handsome stud dog, Bullistik Rope-A-Dope aka Rumble, and we are expecting a rainbow litter.

Black & Tan or Blue & Tan in solid or pied.  Masked Fawns, in standard or blue in solid or pied.

Denied produced 5 gorgeous pups in her 2018 litter, and we kept her blue & tan daughter, HellCat from that breeding.

Both Denied and Rumble have been health screened, and you can click on their names to view their health certifications.

March is going to be a very EXCITING month for BULLISTIK!


Bullistik Blue Angel is 9 months old now and has a new photo array to share!  Click on her photo to see HellCat in all her BLUE & TAN glory !

Mayhem is here and Bullistik has been waiting for him…..

Bullistik Mayhem Is Here!

It is 2019 and Bullistik is starting off this fabulous New Year with a very special bit of madness and MAYHEM!

This amazing boy is a combination of my two favorite Stud dogs: TJ and Thrash.

With a little patience and perseverance, the reward is always substantial.

Mayhem is the son of TJ and SpitFire (Thrash x Decadence).

He carries cream; hence those beautiful pale tan markings that include cheeks and eyebrows, he also carries blue thanks to his sire, and most importantly for my purposes, he does not carry pied.

Of course, SpitFire is Decadence’s daughter so she carries chocolate, so this amazing boy might also carry chocolate although that color allele is still undetectable (no available DNA test) in French Bulldogs.

2019 promises to be another fun and rewarding year for Bullistik!  Stay tuned…………