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Bullistik Rope-A-Dope ‘Rumble’


Bullistik Rope A Dope
ayat, dd, EmEm, kyky, nS

As a breeder, my hope is to always produce pups that are at a minimum, as good as their sire and dam, but my ideal goal is to build on what I already have in my program and improve on that.

No dog is perfect; some are closer than others in the structural requirements of the AKC French Bulldog standard for the breed.  But, when I combine a particular stud dog and bitch to produce the next Bullistik litter, it is always with a clear vision of what I am striving to accomplish.

For example; this blue sable boy, Rumble, was no accident and certainly not the product of a hope and a prayer.

Rumble’s sire, TJ, is a wonderful dog, that has passed all of his health testing, and meets our breed standard, but I was looking to produce a litter that had more bone & substance but still stays below the 28 pound weight limit for the Frenchie breed.

So, I chose my blue fawn girl, Moonlight, as a partner for TJ.  She is 22 pounds, but is structurally outstanding and has more bone than many male Frenchies do.  AND, Moonlight has some similar ancestors to TJ, and those dogs have tons of bone, although admittedly many are likely to be over the weight limit.

Knowing that the dogs that are in the most immediate generations behind both TJ and Moonlight are not ‘heavyweights’, I wasn’t fearful of getting a litter of 35 pounders, but was likely to get that heavier bone, and thick, compact body that I am crazy about.

Granted, Mother Nature, and the unbelievable number of genes that go into creating a litter, are not something that I had any control over, but knowing the conformation and health of both TJ and Moonlight, made it a very easy decision to take the plunge and do the breeding.

Worst case scenario, I would either not get the heavier bone & substance I wanted, or I’d get that in Frenchies that were much larger than I really wanted.

BUT, in any event, I would have beautiful, sound, healthy pups, so a win-win!

Lucky me, everything went in my favor.  And, I now have a TJ x Moonlight son that is exactly what I wanted from this breeding.  Well, if I am being honest, Rumble, would have been an ‘atat’ BLUE & TAN, and not an ‘ayat’ BLUE SABLE.

But, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  Rumble is structurally exactly what I wanted to accomplish with this breeding, and he will produce BLUE & TAN offspring, so I have zero complaints at the outcome.

Rumble is mature now, and has all of the physical attributes I wanted, along with a fabulous temperament, and the health of his sire and dam.   AND, it does not appear that he will be going over the weight limit!!  Holding tight at 27.5!