2021 BULLISTIK® litters


Adele x Prism

Bullistik Rumor Has It ‘Adele’
Black Mask Red Fawn Pied
aya, Dd, kyky, EmEm, SS
Bullistik Enemy of The State ‘Prism’
Black Mask Red Sable
ayat, EmEm, nCo, DD, kyky, nS

whelped September 24, 2021

3 Black Mask Red Fawn Females AVAILABLE



Denial x Malice
litter due Thanksgiving 2021

this breeding will produce BLACK MASK FAWN or BLACK & TAN TRICOLOR (solid or pied)

Bullistik Absent of Malice
Chocolate Mask, Chocolate Fawn
ayat, DD, CoCo, KyKy, EmEm, nS


Bullistik Denial Ain’t Just A River In Egypt
Black & Tan Tricolor
atat, Dd, KyKy, Eme, nS


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