2021 BULLISTIK® litters


We will have new French Bulldog litters
early summer 2021.

HellCat x MilkDud

Bullistik Blue Angel ‘HellCat’
Blue & Tan
atat, dd, BB, kyky, EmEm, nS
Bullistik All That Bling ‘MilkDud’
Chocolate Trindle
atat, Dd, bb, KbrKy, EmEm, nS


Saffron x Malice

Bullistik La Mancha Saffron
Blue Mask, Blue Fawn
ayat, dd, BB, KyKy, EmEm, NN
Bullistik Absent of Malice
Chocolate Mask, Chocolate Fawn
ayat, DD, bb, KyKy, EmEm, nS



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