Bullistik Enemy of The State

Prism is the black mask red sable litter mate to Malice and Jealousy. Although Prism is standard colored, he does carry cocoa (chocolate).

Prism, at 2.5 years old now, has continued to mature and develop into an incredible dog. Like his brother, Malice, he is built thick and compact, with heavy bone, a big square head, and a muzzle so deep, wide, and flat that he definitely bears resemblance to his Bulldog cousins.

Prism’s color dna is ayat, nCo, DD, kyky, EmEm, nS, mm (no merle).

Like all of the Frenchies in the Bullistik® breeding program, Prism has been health tested for all of the diseases known to affect the French Bulldog breed. He has been dna tested CLEAR for CMR1, DCM, DM, HUU, JHC, PRA, and UAS.

Prism is certified with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for Cardiac, Elbows, Hips, LCP, and Patellas.