Bullistik Kiss of Death


Bullistik Kiss Of Death

There was a time, many moons ago, when cream French Bulldogs were the norm in my household, my breeding program, and with me on the AKC show circuit.

Of the more than 50 Champions I’ve produced, I’d have to say that the majority of them that became title holders were those illustrious creams.

Although it was far easier to get a championship on a cream Frenchie than other colors, I have always been a fan of the unusual, so I showed black mask fawns, and pieds, both brindle and fawn.

Then along came the blues, and chocolates, and tricolors; not able to be shown in AKC conformation, but gorgeous and right up my alley in as far as my pentient for the ‘unusual’.

My first TriColor (black & tan) is the grandson of my stunning cream AKC Ch. Angel Signe Bullistik,

AKC CH Angel Signe Bullistik

so that lovely cream allele (e) has stayed in my lines through the generations although I was not concentrating on producing that color any longer.

But, the interesting thing is, if you love TriColors, and want that bright and vibrant stand out tan pattern (eyebrows & cheeks in particular), then it is important to hold on to that cream allele for dear life.

Poison is a Thrash daughter, and although she is 6 generations removed from her beautiful cream CHAMPION ancestor, Angel, she is a knockout and a must have in my breeding program.

Watching Poison grow up over the past year has been a rewarding experience.  I knew she was special the minute she was born, but now that she is a year old, the transformation is incredible, and I’m so happy to have bred her and to have been able to hang on to that precious ‘e’ allele.

10 weeks

12 months

12 months

10 weeks







Poison has been DNA tested CLEAR for CMR1, DCM, DM, HC, and PRA.  Her health certificates are available here!