Blue French Bulldogs by Bullistik (TM)

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Bullistik Black & Gold Medallion

Females: 1 black & tan pied, 1 black mask red

Males: 1 black & tan pied, 1 black mask red pied, 1 cream

Medallion x Thrash
3 males 2 females
November 28, 2018

Medallion & Thrash
3 males, 2 females
November 28, 2018

TJ & SpitFire

SpitFire & TJ

The little TriColor frogdog babies are doing great!

Looking forward to their eyes opening and they are starting to show signs that it could be literally any minute.

I can honestly say that in my 28 years with the French Bulldog breed, I have never had a ‘bad mother’, but some of them are so quick to catch on to their motherhood roll, and SpitFire is one of those gals.

Within hours of her litter arriving, she was in charge and doing her best to keep me out of her whelping box…………

Damn redheads!  She still gives me the stink eye every time I pick up one of her kids, but she soon realized that she has to put up with my interference, cause I ain’t going away, and I certainly am not gonna take off with the kids and never return them.

Excellent mamas are what every breeder hopes for, and really appreciates……..


Bullistik French Bulldog Pups

SpitFire x TJ litter
Black & Tans
Black & Tan Pieds
Black Mask Red Pied

Bullistik’s little redhead, SpitFire, has always had a special temperament, so it is no surprise that she has immediately settled into her role as a mother.

She is so protective of her babies and even though this is her first litter, she acts like she has either done this a gazillion times or she was hardwired to be an exceptional mom.

Either way, I am proud of the little hussy for stepping in to this new position of ‘super mom’ without missing a beat.

The French Bulldog temperament is second to none, and that is what makes them the EXCEPTIONAL companion dog whether you are a homeowner or apartment dweller, have children or don’t, love a playful dog that is not hyper, or need the bravado of a big dog in a chunky little dog body….



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