BULLISTIK® French Bulldogs

Nativity  &  Noel

are Thrash & Charm’s 2017 Christmas gifts to Bullistik

Nativity & Noel
Christmas Miracles 2017

Bullistik Having A Temper Tantrum!

The face that SpitFire makes when she is throwing one of her Temper Tantrums because she does not want to do what I am asking her to do!

6 weeks old and she has been running the show since the day she was born.

I am in for trouble with a capital T when it comes to this little brat!  More than half of her photos, she squeezed her eyes shut, whined and complained, or stuck her tongue out at me.

She thinks she won the battle, but tomorrow is another day 😉

Her daddy, Thrash, and mama, Decadence are hams and love having their photos taken.  Obviously, that ‘showoff’ gene didn’t make it to daughter, Bullistik Having A Temper Tantrum!