Blue French Bulldogs by Bullistik®

Bullistik Enemy of The State aka Prism has aced all of his OFA exams:

OFA Cardiac: FBU-BCA330/19M/P-VPI

OFA Legg-Calves-Perthes: FBU-BCA330/19M/P-VPI

OFA Patellas: FBU-PA4332/19M/P-VPI

OFA Hips: (waiting on prelim report for GRADE)

Prism is littermate to both Malice & Jealousy and half-brother of Flynn.

Bullistik Malicious Intent

Chocolate Mask, Chocolate Fawn

Since we have plans to start using Malice (Bullistik Malicious Intent) at stud in the very near future, he made a trip to the vet to get his examinations for cardiac, patella, and x-rayed to have OFA determine his status regarding legg-calves-perthes, and hips.

So happy to report that OFA has confirmed that Malice passed all examinations with flying colors. All of his OFA certifications will be posted on his health certifications page as soon as they are received from OFA.

OFA Cardiac: FBU-BCA329/19M/P-VPI


OFA Patella: FBU-PA4331/19M/P-VPI

Since Malice is not yet 2 years old, he will not receive an OFA Hip number, but will be issued a preliminary OFA HIP report that shows the passing evaluation grade.

Bullistik Malicious Intent aka ‘Malice’ has a new girlfriend and is strutting his stuff in true stud dog fashion! If there was ever any doubt that our French Bulldogs have mastiff blood in their lineage from long ago, Malice begs to differ. BONE, SUBSTANCE, and WRINKLES for days….