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Bullistik Hpnotiq Blue Oasis

Oasis ay/ay, d/d, kbr/kbr

ay/ay, d/d, kbr/kbr

Our lovely Hpnotiq daughter, ‘Oasis’, is growing up to be every bit as gorgeous as her mama, if not more so.

This girl is so very special to us in more ways than one.  Not only is she magnificent in her conformation, temperament, and color, but she is the most precious gift that Hpnotiq left behind for us on that fateful day that she lost her life.

It is impossible to dismiss the prospect of ‘reincarnation’, when you have been blessed with



Bullistik Hpnotiq Blue Wave

Bullistik Hpnotiq Blue Wave

the stunning Oasis, who is the embodiment of her dam, Bullistik ‘Hpnotiq’ Blue Wave, in every way, shape, and form.

Coming to terms with the loss of Hpnotiq, would have been so much more difficult if she had not blessed us with her own soul and spirit, in the beautiful daughter that she left with us to continue her legacy.

Oasis has been health screened for DNA genetic based diseases known to affect the French Bulldog breed.  She tested CLEAR for those diseases, and you can see the results by clicking on the Paw Print Genetic button.

Oasis' Test Results

Oasis’ Test Results