Bullistik Black & Gold Medallion

Bullistik Black & Gold Medallion

Medallion, AKC officially named, Bullistik Black & Gold Medallion, is our black mask, fawn pied daughter by Tycoon out of Dahlia.

Of course, her sire, Tycoon, was the beginning of our foray into the ‘tricolor’ genes in our French Bulldogs.  And just like her sire, Medallion has inherited lovely conformation and temperament, but also those oh so important, Normal/Clear genes for CMR, DCM, DM, HC, and PRA.

We have received the DNA genetic health testing results for Medallion, and we are thrilled that she is Normal/Clear on all 5 tests, and copies of her certificates are published on this page.

Medallion, like all Bullistik French Bulldogs, had to meet our criteria before she made the cut to become part of our breeding program, and I am happy to report, and very grateful, that our flashy black & gold girl has  passed all four categories with flying colors:

Color DNA

Canine Multifocal Retinopathy – CLEAR/NORMAL
Degenerative Myelopathy – CLEAR/NORMAL
Dilated Cardiomyopathy – CLEAR/NORMAL
Hereditary Cataracts – CLEAR/NORMAL
Progressive Retinal Atrophy & Cone Rod Dystrophy – CLEAR/NORMAL