Bullistik Green-Eyed Monster

Bullistik Green-Eyed Monster ‘Jealousy’

Jealousy is the daughter of SpitFire & Maverick.   This lovely Chocolate Sable girl is almost 3 months old, so was in need of a new photo shoot and her own bio.  Yep, she is a keeper!

Jealousy, along with brothers Malice and Prism, is staying at Bullistik®.  Impossible for me to part with any of this exciting trio for a variety of reasons.

Jealousy’s sire, Maverick, is the son of Femme Fatale Nikita of Bullistik, making Jealousy and her brothers my grandfrogs.  AND, SpitFire is the daughter of my all time favorite bred-by chocolate girl, Decadence.Decadence

Both Nikita and Maverick are stunning Frenchies, and I am excited that I had the opportunity to breed SpitFire to Mav, and thrilled to have these three kiddos that I kept from the 6 pack.

Jealousy’s color DNA is bb, ayat, EmEm, kyky, NN.  Planning the future with this lovely #HotChocolate girl is going to be lots of fun!



Jealousy Jealousy Jealousy Jealousy Jealousy Jealousy