Bullistik French Bulldog Pups

SpitFire x TJ litter
Black & Tans
Black & Tan Pieds
Black Mask Red Pied

Bullistik’s little redhead, SpitFire, has always had a special temperament, so it is no surprise that she has immediately settled into her role as a mother.

She is so protective of her babies and even though this is her first litter, she acts like she has either done this a gazillion times or she was hardwired to be an exceptional mom.

Either way, I am proud of the little hussy for stepping in to this new position of ‘super mom’ without missing a beat.

The French Bulldog temperament is second to none, and that is what makes them the EXCEPTIONAL companion dog whether you are a homeowner or apartment dweller, have children or don’t, love a playful dog that is not hyper, or need the bravado of a big dog in a chunky little dog body….