Bullistik Denial Ain’t Just A River In Egypt

Our black & tan girl, is the daughter of our black & tan pied, Bullistik I Will Not Be Denied! and our Solid black & tan, Bullistik Wreaking Havoc.

As you might have gathered, I am a huge fan of tricolors (black, blue, chocolate, or lilac with tan points) and especially those that are solid like Denial.

As much as I loved her pied dam, Denied, pieds have this annoying downside, the white coat covers up the tan points on the legs, chest, and quite often the cheek and eyebrow points as well.

If I am going to have tricolor Frenchies, I want to visibly see their markings, and not have them hidden under the white hair of the pied gene.

Like her sire and dam, Denial has beautiful structure and a fabulous temperament. She is fully health screened with OFA and like her parents, she is certified normal for cardiac, hips, lcp, and patellas.