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Bullistik Icing On The Cake ‘Ganache’

Chucky Chocolate Brindle

Chocolate Brindle

This utterly scrumptious boy is a CHOCOLATE BRINDLE with gorgeous, although admittedly a bit haunting, bright GOLD eyes, and the cutest, smashiest (is that a word?) face on the planet.

I intended to use the call name, Ganache, on this kid, for obvious reasons.  However, as Icing On The Cake continued to grow up and mature, every time I looked at his face, all that came to my mind and rolled off my tongue was “CHUCKY”.

No doubt those glowing amber eyes are responsible, in large part, for causing this kid to remind me so much of that evil little doll’s face.  But fortunately, the resemblance stops there; my Chucky does not have a mean bone in his body.  He is as sweet as any chocolate morsel should be.

Bullistik Icing On the Cake 'Ganache' aka Chuckie!

Bullistik Icing On the Cake ‘Ganache’

Bullistik Icing On the Cake 'Ganache' aka Chuckie

Bullistik Icing On the Cake ‘Ganache’

Bullistik Icing On the Cake 'Ganache'

Bullistik Icing On the Cake ‘Ganache’

Chucky has sired some stunning CHOCOLATE and standard colored pups for us.  And, we are so privileged to have him in our breeding program.

There is noone that can deny the quality of pups that Chucky has consistently produced for Bullistik, regardless of the assortment of colors.

However, since Chucky is chocolate, and that is one of those ‘taboo’ colors that are shunned by some, we are especially compelled to show off our boy’s scrumptious chocolate progeny!

Dozer Chocolate Brindle Male

Chocolate Brindle Male

Kisses Chocolate Brindle Female

Chocolate Brindle Female

Decadence Chocolate Fawn Female

Chocolate Fawn Female

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