Bullistik Point Blank Candid

Candid is our blue & tan MilkDud and HellCat daughter.

This girl is compact, with extremely heavy bone for a female Frenchie. Truth be told, Candid has more bone mass than many males in this breed.

She most definitely inherited all of the best qualities from her sire and dam in both conformation and health.

She has a beautiful head piece: flat muzzle that is appropriately wrinkled, correct ear shape and placement, expressive round eyes, and a deep wide, upturned jaw.

Her chest is wide and deep, she has perfect straight front legs, tight cat feet, a compact body, low set tail, and moderate rear angulation.

Candid even has a thick, well arched neck. And aside from her breed type, she is full of personality. and is adorned with one of my favorite Frenchie colors.

I’ve always been crazy about blue coat color but those creamy tan points add an extra dimension to the overall appeal.

Candid has been bred to our lilac & tan stud, Glacial, and we are looking forward to a sound and colorful litter.

Candid’ sire, MilkDud
Candid’s dam, HellCat