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AKC Breeder of Merit
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Bullistik French Bulldog Pups

SpitFire x TJ litter
Black & Tans
Black & Tan Pieds
Black Mask Red Pied

Bullistik’s little redhead, SpitFire, has always had a special temperament, so it is no surprise that she has immediately settled into her role as a mother.

She is so protective of her babies and even though this is her first litter, she acts like she has either done this a gazillion times or she was hardwired to be an exceptional mom.

Either way, I am proud of the little hussy for stepping in to this new position of ‘super mom’ without missing a beat.

The French Bulldog temperament is second to none, and that is what makes them the EXCEPTIONAL companion dog whether you are a homeowner or apartment dweller, have children or don’t, love a playful dog that is not hyper, or need the bravado of a big dog in a chunky little dog body….




SpitFire & TJ
whelped November 8, 2018
3 Black & Tan Males
2 Black & Tan Pied Females
1 Black Mask Red PIed Male

have a new 6-PACK, born November 8th, and mama and babies are doing well so far.

3 Black & Tan Males

2 Black & Tan Pied Females

1 Black Mask Red Pied Male

This is SpitFire’s first litter and just like her mother before her, Decadence, she is a natural at motherhood, and she does not appreciate my butting in to try to show her how to take care of her babies.

SpitFire has made it clear to me and her 6-pack, that she’s got this motherhood thing under control 😉


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