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Bullistik Rumor Has It  ‘Adele’



Our lovely little black mask, red pied daughter of Fabia & Tycoon is no longer the chubby little tadpole she was at 10 weeks of age.  ‘ADELE‘ is all grown up now and even more beautiful than I anticipated that she’d be.

Of course, coming from the lovely FABIA (chocolate pied) and Tycoon (black & tan), it really isn’t that big of a surprise that my chunky little girl would surpass my expectations as she grew up.

Our lovely Adele is a clear pied (no ticking), and carries both chocolate (B/b) from her dam, Fabia and recessive black (ay/a) from her sire, Tycoon.

She has a wonderful square head, correct ear set, deep and wide muzzle, glorious dark and round eyes, heavy bone, deep brisket, short back, perfect rear angles, proper tail set, and tight feet.

There is simply nothing to change about this darling girl, and we are so excited that she is part of Bullistik’s future.



We have recently started health screening on Adele, and are happy to report that she has passed her DNA based Genetic Health Testing for the following:

Disease Interpretation
Degenerative myelopathy Normal (clear)
Dilated cardiomyopathy Normal (clear)
Hereditary cataracts Normal (clear)
Multifocal retinopathy 1 Normal (clear)

Adele has also passed her OFA clearances for CARDIAC and PATELLA (certificates pending).

As you can see, Adele has grown up to be a wonderful representative of the French Bulldog breed, and knowing that she is sired by a BLACK & TAN and out of a CHOCOLATE PIED, is proof those ‘taboo’ colors are quite capable of producing TOP QUALITY (structural and health) Frenchies!

Adele-13-mon Adele-13-mon- Adele-13-mon-1 Adele-13-months-1-1