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Chocolate Trindle
atat, bb, Dd, Eme, KbrKy, nS

Our newest CHOCOLATE morsel, ‘MILKDUD’ is an updated version of his grandsire, Chucky.

This darling boy is not just Chocolate (bb), but he is Tricolor (atat), and carries Blue (Dd), and carries cream (Eme) which gives us so many options in our breeding program.

So excited to have our Bullistik® grandson home in Texas!

This is what happens when you combine a CHOCOLATE FAWN (dq) French Bulldog with a TRICOLOR (dq) French Bulldog !   Standard (non-dq) colors are produced by Non-Standard (dq) colors.


Color Education

Bullistik Temper Tantrum
ayat, Bb, DD, kyky, nS