Temper Tantrum during photo shoot!

Bullistik Having A Temper Tantrum!

The face that SpitFire makes when she is throwing one of her Temper Tantrums because she does not want to do what I am asking her to do!

6 weeks old and she has been running the show since the day she was born.

I am in for trouble with a capital T when it comes to this little brat!  More than half of her photos, she squeezed her eyes shut, whined and complained, or stuck her tongue out at me.

She thinks she won the battle, but tomorrow is another day 😉

Her daddy, Thrash, and mama, Decadence are hams and love having their photos taken.  Obviously, that ‘showoff’ gene didn’t make it to daughter, Bullistik Having A Temper Tantrum!




Moonlight was subject for the new camera !

Bullistik By The Light of the Moon
Moonlight got to be the guinea pig for new camera today…..

me thinks she was not at all impressed!

While I played photographer, and tried to keep her attention, she just continued to look at me like I’d lost my ever loving mind.

Thank goodness she was able, if not willing, to chill out long enough to  indulge my experiment.

Although the entire time she kept giving me the ‘look’…….you know the one that Frogs are so damn expert at?  Yes, my owner has lost her friggin mind, but its Thanksgiving so what the hell, I will put up with her shenanigans if I get some of that leftover turkey in the deal.