Blue French Bulldogs by Bullistik (TM)

Bullistik Blue Angel is 9 months old now and has a new photo array to share!  Click on her photo to see HellCat in all her BLUE & TAN glory !


Black & Tan Pied

This girl is 100% attitude from her TAN eyebrows, to her TAN cheek patches, and all the way back to that TAN behind of hers.

Sinister is a daughter of Thrash & Medallion, and shares their good looks, wonderful conformation, excellent health, and attitude that is  80% sweet and 20% sassy!

When she isn’t terrorizing her 4 littermates, she is more than happy to be giving me a ton of grief.

She will not be ignored.  Simple as that….

Pure French Bulldog!  Pure Bullistik!










TJ x SpitFire
ata, Dd, Eme, KyKy, NN


this stunning BLACK & TAN male is available to the perfect home with full AKC registration

Both his sire, TJ, and dam, SpitFire, are health tested and their certifications are available on this website.

SpitFire is a daughter of Thrash & Decadence, so she carries chocolate.  It is a possibility that Havoc is ‘Bb’, but unfortunately we are all still waiting on the DNA labs to produce a test that can verify the chocolate allele in French Bulldogs.

Havoc has been color tested and does carry Blue (Dd), Cream (Eme) and does not carry pied (nn).

With Havoc’s conformation, color DNA, and generations of health tested relatives, he has a lot to offer to any breeding program that is committed to producing sound, healthy, French Bulldogs with correct structure and awesome color!


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