Blue French Bulldogs

TJ and Greyce Blue Brindle Male

Blue Brindle Male


This beautiful Blue Brindle boy will be available to the perfect home!

He was born 1.8.2018 and is the son of our blue & tan male, TJ and our blue brindle girl, Greyce.

Both Greyce and TJ have been DNA tested for color alleles and genetic disease clearance.

This boy is either ay/at or ay/a, kbr/ky, d/d

COLOR PROFILE will be done at 4 weeks of age.

For more details, please feel free to text: 903-217-7547 or email: Trudy





Rain x Thrash litter

Rain x Thrash


The lovely Rain is crazy about her QUINTUPLETS, and still barely tolerates letting me even look at her kiddos.

Trying to sneak photos of her litter is an effort, but patience always wins out.

DOB: 1-8-18

PHOTOS: 1-12-18

1 cream male, 1 black & tan male, 1 black & tan pied male, 1 black & tan female, 1 black mask red pied female

Thrash = at/at, ky/ky, D/D, Em/e, n/S

Rain = ay/a, ky/ky, D/d, Em/e, S/S

Rain x Thrash