Blue French Bulldogs by Bullistik

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TJ x GREYCE blue daughter …



this lovely girl is a STUNNER and at first glance, you would swear she is BLUE & TAN just like her daddy, Vintage Armored Warfare at Bullistik.

However, her mother, GREYCE, has been DNA color tested and is ay/ay, so her darling daughter is actually a Blue Brindle that just so happens to be sporting heavy tan (brindle) markings on front and rear legs giving her very similar leg markings to her daddy.

This girl is either ay/at or ay/a but the verdict is out until her DNA color results are verified in about 4 weeks.

Regardless of her color profile, she is BLUE and gorgeous and will be able to produce ‘TAN POINTED’ babies with the right stud dog.

Both Greyce and TJ are DNA color profiled, and DNA health screened.

For more information on this baby girl, please text: 903-217-7547 or email Trudy


TJ and Greyce Blue Brindle Male

Blue Brindle Male


This beautiful Blue Brindle boy will be available to the perfect home!

He was born 1.8.2018 and is the son of our blue & tan male, TJ and our blue brindle girl, Greyce.

Both Greyce and TJ have been DNA tested for color alleles and genetic disease clearance.

This boy is either ay/at or ay/a, kbr/ky, d/d

COLOR PROFILE will be done at 4 weeks of age.

For more details, please feel free to text: 903-217-7547 or email: Trudy





Greyce & TJ litter was born 1/8/18

1 blue male, 1 blue female, 1 blue mask, blue fawn female

Greyce x TJ
Blue Fawn Female


Not hard to imagine that this gorgeous girl might very likely wind up staying here at BULLISTIK!

This is a FIRST litter for both TJ (blue & tan sire) and Greyce (blue brindle dam) and the intention for this breeding was to produce a beautiful BLUE litter, but most importantly, a BLUE female to keep, one that would carry either ‘at’ or ‘a’ and would be ky/ky, and be as gorgeous as her sire and dam.

This lovely Blue Mask, Blue Fawn lady is looking like the answer to my prayers so far !!

What a head piece on this little princess, and that is not all that is exceedingly special about this baby girl.

Will patiently watch her grow up, but so far, all signs are looking like this Blue Fawn girly is a keeper!



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