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Thrash x Charm
cream female

This adorable little cream girl is a daughter of our Black & Tan boy, Thrash!

“Noel” was born just before Christmas, hence the seasonal call name.

She is a welcome surprise because it has been a really long time since a cream baby has been born here at Bullistik.

I’d almost forgotten how much I love this color, and how many cream AKC Champions have been produced by us over the years.

Based on her sire and dam’s color DNA, I know that this little doll is ay/at, but am hoping that, like her mother, she is also devoid of the pied gene.

Looking forward to getting her test results back, and fingers crossed that she is N/N.

Either way, she is adorable with a fabulous personality 😉




Thrash x Charm

This girl has been in a state of constant transformation since the day she was born.

I am rethinking her name; perhaps she should be ‘caterpillar’ or ‘butterfly’ instead of “Nativity”?

I have NEVER, in all of my 28 years with this breed, had a puppy like this very unique girl.

She was born BLACK, which was impossible based on her genetics.  Her sire is Black & Tan (ky/ky) and dam is Fawn (ky/ky).  Her sister is cream, but Nativity was BLACK from head to toe.

A few days passed, and she started looking more like a BROWN BEAR and no longer black, but still overall solid.

After a few weeks, I started seeing some hints of fawn showing behind her ears, on her cheeks, and paws.

Soon enough, she has turned into this very tan patterned, BLACK MASKED SABLE.  She is only 5 weeks old, so at this point, I am clueless to try to figure out if this is her FINAL COLOR or if there are more changes to come.

When you think you have seen it all, evidently you have not!  Stay tuned……

Name that color ??

TJ x GREYCE daughter
what color am I?


without knowing the actual COLOR DNA of this little lady’s sire and dam, want to venture a guess as to what color this baby girl is?

when she was newborn, I thought she was ‘x’ color

around day 3, I thought she was ‘x’ color

she is 10 days old now, and because I do know her parents DNA, I am starting to question what the heck is going on with this BLUE chunk-a-muffin


Greyce x TJ female