Bullistik Knl

you might remember me calling her Noel since she was born just before Christmas 2017, BUT now that this lovely cream Thrash x Charm daughter is a Bullistik keeper, she has an official name and it is …..

Bullistik Kiss of Death

Bullistik Kiss of Death

‘Poison’ is a very special girl for many reasons.

Her sire is our glorious Black & Tan boy, THRASH, who is incredibully handsome, sweet, obnoxious in a bratty kinda way, and so outrageously fit and healthy! and…..

her dam is our beautiful black mask fawn, CHARM, who is a daughter of our phenomenal chocolate boy, Chucky, and the lovely Tycoon daughter, Olympia.

This lovely lady has such an ‘attitude’ which is the epitome of all that is Bullistik 😉

She knows who she is:  She knows what she wants: And she damn well knows exactly how to get it!

I am awestruck by this little cream puff, and am thrilled that she inherited her daddy’s (at) black & tan gene and hope like hell that she also inherited her mama’s (b) chocolate gene.

I know she has their gorgeous conformation, soundness, health, and ‘TUDE’ so what else can I possibly ask for?


BLUE FAWN PIED son of TJ is available…

ay/a, d/d, ky/ky, Em/Em, S/S

this gorgeous boy is available to the perfect Frenchie home!

‘Killa’ is a stunner with a phenomenal head, deep & wide flat muzzle, incredible upswept jaw, true to standard batears!

*  Heavy Bone

*  Deep Brisket

*  Wide Chest

*  Short Body

*  Topline

*  Tail set

*  Clear Pied

*  Sire & Dam DNA Genetic Health Tested

Sire: Blue & Tan  (at/a, d/d, Em/Em, ky/ky, n/S)

Dam: Blue Fawn (ay/at, d/d, Em/Em, ky/ky, n/S)

He has it all !  With a personality to match……outgoing, adventurous, and sweet!


















For information, please call or text: 903-217-7547 or email: trudy.bettinger@gmail.com